DB Analysis Readme

Parametric Technology GmbH, Sindelfingen, Germany
$Header: /cvs/mk/projects/osmsd/build/dba-readme.html,v 1.84 2010/08/03 09:07:01 maku Exp $
Author: Max Kublin (mkublin@ptc.com)


Change Log/Revision History (newest on top)

Date Datecode DLL I/F Short Description
2010/08/03) 14824 243 Rollup of changes/enhancements of last 4 months (DLL I/F 243)
2010/03/27 14695 241 Additional Functions in DLL and modules/licenses (DLL I/F 241)
2010/02/26 14666 240 Enhancement: Column aliases to avoid "no colname" columns on SQL Server
2010/02/22 14662 240 Additional Functions in DLL and Support for Modeling 17 (DLL I/F 240)
2010/01/08 14617 239 Bug fix in DLL for DEFINE_LICENSING_MODULE (DLL I/F 239)
2009/12/23 14601 238 Enhancements in reports and additional functions in DLL (DLL I/F 238)
2009/12/03 14581 236 Adds support for ModelManager extensions (DBA Java Ext) (DLL I/F 236)
2009/11/27 14575 235 Adds support for multiple version attributes in Sysid analysis (DBA V1)
2009/11/26 14574 235 Bug fix and several enhancements in Sysid/Symbname Reports (DBA V1)
2009/11/24 14572 235 Enhancement: Custom code + silent startup through start script (For details, see runwm-prod.bat)
2009/11/21 14569 235 Enhancements: Custom code + open files increased to 500 (DLL I/F 235)
2009/11/17 14565 234 Enhancement (DLL): Number of open files increased from 20 to 200 (DLL I/F 234)
2009/11/05 14553 233 Enhancements in Admin U/I and File Reporting (DBA V3)
2009/11/02 14550 233 Bug fixes in area of analysis and reporting (DBA v1/v2)
2009/10/14 14531 233 Redesigned Multi-Cluster Analysis/Report to support SQL Server
2009/10/13 14530 233 Multi-Cluster Analysis/Report added to DBA Admin U/I
2009/10/10 14527 233 Adds Multi-Cluster Analysis/Report (prototype)
2009/10/06 14523 233 Bug fix (DLL): Support query returning zero rows in EUOSM_BIG_QUERY2 (DLL I/F 233)
2009/10/01 14518 232 Adds customizable model queries/restrictions + enhanced reports
2009/09/07 14494 232 Bug fix (DLL): Avoid buffer overrun in area of V2 logging (DLL I/F 232)
2009/08/28 14484 231 Changed format of error messages (in DLL) to support V2 logfile parsing (DLL I/F 231)
2009/08/26 14482 230 Enhancements in area of DBA v2 analysis. Additional v2 functions in admin U/I
2009/07/31 14456 229 Adds (first) DBA v2 functions to DBA admin U/I
2009/07/30 14455 229 Enhancements in area of DBA v2 analysis
2009/07/27 14452 228 Enhancements in area of reference analysis (DBA v2)
2009/07/27 14452 227 Formal port to new compiler. See above for details.
2009/07/24 14449 226 Adds support for Modeling 16.50 Filing
2009/07/21 14446 226 Enhancements in area of SD Attribute Report
2009/07/20 14445 226 Customizable attribute names for non-standard DBs
2009/07/17 14442 226 Enhancements in area of file reports (behind up/down arrow in Editor)
2009/07/13 14438 226 Additional function in DBA pulldown menu: Show readme.txt
2009/07/10 14435 226 Fixes in area of SYSID Analysis
2009/07/06 14431 226 Adds customizable progress indicator
2009/07/04 14429 226 Fixes and Development Work in area of File Reports
2009/07/03 14428 226 Additional functions in DBA pulldown menu: Show readme + Show Software (URL)
2009/07/03 14428 226 Re-organized dba-readme.Introduced short and detailed change log.
2009/07/02 14427 226 Adress Enhancement requests and Bug reports from DBA Training

Change Log/Revision History (Details, newest on top)

Date Datecode DLL I/F Features Comments
2010/08/03 14824 243
  • 2010/08/03: Release/Freeze DLL I/F 243
    Intermediate versions where marked as BETA requiring a "prerelease" license
    Release with datecode 14824 is a production release (no "prerelease" license required to run)
    NOTE: All functions developed over the last 4 months (see below) are included.
  • 2010/08/03: Enhanced installer to add a link (shortcut) to the dba-readme.html (=this file)
  • 2010/06/21: General enhancement of DBA V1 Reports
    Added information about Database System to Header of HTML reports
    List many parameters/settings of Database System (SQL_SERVER and/or ORACLE)
  • 2010/06/11: General enhancement
    Additional arguments for customized startup. Syntax (See also: runwm-prod.bat)
    REM Example(s):
    REM Regular DB Analysis mode
    REM runwm-prod.bat dbserv:9898 fserv:9899 mels C C:\WINDOWS\TEMP EXPERT
    REM       0              1          2       3  4     5              6
    REM Regular DB Analysis mode with multiple license servers
    REM runwm-prod.bat dbserv:9898 fserv:9899 "mels1+mels2+mels3" C C:\WINDOWS\TEMP EXPERT
    REM       0              1          2              3          4     5              6
    REM Start "silent" (suppress "READY" message) and load a custom file
    REM runwm-prod.bat dbserv:9898 fserv:9899 mels C C:\WINDOWS\TEMP EXPERT 1 "C:\TEMP\mycust.inp"
    REM       0              1          2       3  4     5              6   7         8
    REM Starting a WebAccess Server listening at port 9999
    REM runwm-prod.bat dbserv:9898 fserv:9899 mels C C:\WINDOWS\TEMP WEB 9999
    REM       0              1          2       3  4     5            6   7
  • 2010/06/11: General enhancement
    Add support for multiple license servers
    Syntax (argument to bat file): "mels1+mels2+mels3"
    NOTE:Multiple license servers must be inclosed in double-quotes.
  • 2010/06/02: Enhancement to DBA V1 Analysis
    Introduce pseudo-column ELID_SEQNO which is a platform dependent
    (Oracle, SQL Server) rowid for the row from WM_ELEMENTS.
    Purpose: Allow partitioning of data to be analyzed
    Can be used for parallel processing (multiple DBA clients running in parallel)
    or to just limit the number of elements to avoid "out-of-memory"
    Now a partioning of data for DBA can be done easily by using math functions, e.g. "modulo"
    Dba_cust_register_model_query_restriction "" "e.ELID_SEQNO % 3 = 2" (SQL Server)
    Dba_cust_register_model_query_restriction "" "MOD(e.ELID_SEQNO,3) = 2" (Oracle)
    NOTE: When using partitioning for parallel processing (multiple DBA clients in parallel)
    make sure that each client has a dedicated (different) TEMP directory. This avoids that two
    DBA clients access/delete the same subdirectory. This can happen in the rare case where different
    Elements (ELIDs) share a common file (WM_FILE entry).
  • 2010/06/02: Enhancement to Admin U/I functions
    Search files in "startup directory" based on new afn (EUOSM_START_CWD)
    Find (and open) the readme.txt, dba-readme.html and eomfar_dba.m (Macros) even when CWD has changed.
  • 2010/06/02: Enhancement to all Reports
    Add more environment variables to Report header:
    • WMDT
    • WMDT_DIR
  • 2010/06/02: Bug Fix in Structure Report (Arrow Up)
    Missing LOCAL Variable I in Euosm_v2_elid_struct_info_html
    Effect was that variable I of Caller was used and changed
    Detected while developing an automated report which creates multiple parent reports.
  • 2010/05/25: Enhancement to Parent Report (Arrow Up)
    Write Parent Information to separate files to keep file of "main" report smaller.
    (Browsers cannot cope with huge HTML files).
    Parent Information is accessible via Hyperlink from "main" report file.
  • 2010/05/22: Enhancement to Parent Report (Arrow Up)
    Report parents which do not have a primary ref via SYSID.
    In such cases, symbolic referencing is required (or Error-337 will happen)
  • 2010/05/12: General Enhancement
    Added EUOSM_START_CWD and GETCWD to header of all reports
    EUOSM_START_CWD remembers the initial startup directory and does not change.
    Useful for referencing files located in the installation directories.
  • 2010/05/11: Enhancement in File Report
    Improve rounding of file sizes (avoid negative file sizes caused by rounding)
  • 2010/05/11: Enhancements to SD Contents analysis report
    Added "owner" columns (similar to SYSID/SYMBNAME analysis)
    Removed element and file overview (focus on content report)
  • 2010/05/06: Added "owner" columns to SYMNAME analysis report
    same semantics as in existing SYSID Analysis
  • 2010/05/04: Enhanced Timing reports in V1 and V2 analysis
    Only selected columns in Timing tables.
  • 2010/05/02: Added internal Performance Test of Timer AFNs
    New AFN EUOSM_TIMER_PERFTEST which tests the (real)
    AFNs of Timer functionality, but without the overhead of Macros
  • 2010/05/01: Enhanced output of timing data
    Show timer structure (parent timers by number)
    Function based on new bitmask handling of timers in DLL
    Regression Test for Timer Performance added.
    New AFN EUOSM_TIMER_STRUCTURE_RESET for structure handling
    NOTE: Removed AFN EUOSM_TIMER_LEVEL - replaced by bitmasks
    DLL I/F stays at 243 since code is Beta.
  • 2010/04/30: Enhanced output of timing data based on new STOPWATCH level
    Timing data now contains a structured (indented) list of stopwatches.
    Only active stopwatches are listed - simple and clear data
  • 2010/04/30: add LEVEL to STOPWATCH data structure (in DLL)
    New AFN EUOSM_TIMER_LEVEL to set the level
    Can now assign "structure levels" to stopwatches (when stopwatches are nested)
  • 2010/04/29: New HTML Report for "file list"
    Creates a standard HTML report frame around existing "file list" functions
  • 2010/04/28: New Function (not AFN) QUERY_LIMIT (overloads existing QUERY_LIMIT)
    Allows to query the current query limit by existing AFN (EUOSM_GET_QUERY_LIMIT)
    NOTE: New I/F 243 (Beta, not released yet)
  • 2010/04/27: New AFN EUOSM_V3_DUMP_FILE_LTAB for support of Macro Euosm_v3_list_files
    Allows fast dumping of very large numbers of selected WM_FILES (Dbr_files) entries.
  • 2010/04/23: Enhanced File Reports Added queries for file types, elements, sizes
    • File Type
    • File Type/Year (chronological development)
    • File Type/Class Name
    • File Type/Class Name/Year (chronological development, limited to Model files)
    Useful for analysis of chronological development of DB and Storage Area
  • 2010/04/04: Handling of TEMPDIR,TMPDIR,TEMP,TMP added
    Variables are listed in header of Reports
    Production version sets and verifies all 4 variables.
  • 2010/04/04: Added Dba_admin_ui_fnc_show_analysis_dir to DBA admin menu
    Renamed Euosm_show_dba_readme to Euosm_show_dba_file because of its multi-purpose
  • 2010/04/04: Added DLL time data to Report header
  • 2010/04/05: New DLL I/F 242 (BETA)
  • 2010/04/05: New AFN EUOSM_IS_BETA DLL marked with Beta requires a Beta license (Prerelease license)
  • NOTE: Current DLL is in Beta status and therefore requires a Beta (Prelease license)
  • 2010/04/08: Re-design of licensing/module interfaces.
    Can now distinguish between the pulled licenses and the activated modules.
  • 2010/04/08: 4 new AFNs + increased number of AFNs to 200
  • 2010/04/11: Re-factored HTML header of reports. Add environment and disk section.
  • 2010/04/11: Enhanced V3 File Reports to use newest technology.
General maintenance and development
2010/03/27 14695 241
  • NOTE: New DLL I/F 241
  • Support for two new licenses/modules added (for future use)
  • New AFNs for support of Pre-Release functionality
    • EUOSM_ACTIVATE_EOMPRE_INTERFACE - activate and pull license
    • EUOSM_EOMPRE_ACTIVE - allow code to check if functionality is active
  • NOTE: SQL Server functionality now requires a "prerelease" license
  • New AFNs for handling of DLL interface (internal use only)
General maintenance and development
2010/02/22 14662 240
  • NOTE: New DLL I/F 240
    • EUOSM_CHECK_MELS_REVISION - check the required MEls.
      IF (Err == NO_ERROR) ...  
    • EUOSM_KERNEL_IF_VERSION - return the kernel version required by the DLL
      IF (Ver >= 16) ....  
  • pb_pub.exe V for Support of Modeling 17.0 Files
    • NOTE: New VC++ 2008 SP1 Runtime Environment needed (will be installed automatically)
Support for different WM versions
Support for Modeling 17 files
2010/01/08 14617 239
  • NOTE: New DLL I/F 239
  • Single bug fix in DLL for random results due to unitialized variable.
    • Parameters
      • Module - descriptive text, e.g. "PARTNER Module XYZ"
      • Partner Key - must be exactly 8 characters
      • Product Key - must be exactly 8 characters
    • Return value
      • 1 = success
      • 0 = failure
    • NOTE: For details on "partner key" and "product key", refer to
      • CoCreate Partner Password Generator (CCPPgen)
      • CoCreate Modeling I-Kit function SD-DEFINE-LICENSING-MODULE
    • Example:
      LET Res (DEFINE_LICENSING_MODULE "MAKU0815" "EUOSM111" "12345678")
      IF (Res == 1) 
        DISPLAY "OK. Succeeded to pull a license"
        DISPLAY "FAILURE. Could not get license"
Enhancement of DBA technology
See also Date code 14601
2009/12/23 14601 238
  • NOTE: New DLL I/F 238
    • NOTE: Intermediate DLL I/F 237 version was used for development
    • DLL I/F 237 was not shipped with any production version.
  • New AFNs in core module (no license required)
    • EUOSM_STR_TO_DEC - convert a given string into hexadecimal notation
      Example: LET Mystr (EUOSM_STR_TO_DEC "AB")
      "AB" is converted to "065:066" (3 digit character number with colon as separator)
    • EUOSM_STR_TO_HEX - convert a given string into decimal notation
      Example: LET Mystr (EUOSM_STR_TO_HEX "AB")
      "AB" is converted to "41-42" (2 hex digits with minus as separator)
    • DEFINE_LICENSING_MODULE - Protect functionality (module) by a license.
      Functionality corresponds to SD-DEFINE-LICENSING-MODULE [function] in CoCreate Modeling.
      Example: LET Res (DEFINE_LICENSING_MODULE "MAKU0815" "EUOSM111" "12345678")
      • NOTE: DEFINE_LICENSING_MODULE in DLL I/F 238 is a prototype only.
      • Use DLL I/F 239 to protect a custom module.
        See date code 14617 for details.
  • Enh: Listing of additional Settings and Environment Variables in Header of DBA reports.

  • New Module PTOOLS with debugging functions (for PTC internal use only)
    • EUOSM_PTOOLS_PRESENT - Check if functionality (=code) is available in DLL
    • EUOSM_PTOOLS_ACTIVE - Check if code has been activated
    • EUOSM_ACTIVATE_PTOOLS_INTERFACE - activate the PTOOLS module (license needed, internal use only)
    • NOTE(s)
      • All functions of module PTOOLS are for PTC internal use only.
      • The AFNs listed above are visible in the standard DLL(s) shipped with DBA tools. However, functions are only listed for completeness of documentation.
      • All additional AFNs of module PTOOLS are reserved for development of DBA functionality. Code is only usable in a special development environment together with additional DLLs which are not part of the DBA production version.
Enhancement of DBA technology
Driven by customer cases:
  • Protection of add-on functionality in Modelmanager/Workmanager by Partner Key
  • Request for additional information about settings in DBA Reports
2009/12/03 14581 236
  • NOTE: New DLL I/F 236
  • New AFNs for support of Java Extensions based on DBA technology
  • New DLL (osmsd2.dll) for using DBA from ModelManager
    • new osmsd2.dll exclusively for ModelManager
    • legacy osmsd.dll exclusively for classic Workmanager
  • NOTES on legacy osmsd.dll and new osmsd2.dll
    • new osmsd2.dll provides same functionality as osmsd.dll
    • The DLLs have different bindings and will not load into "other" application
  • New AFNs for support of tools and reports
  • Enh: Active "modules" are listed in header section of DBA reports
Enhancement of DBA technology
Driven by customer case: link count analysis in Modelmanager
2009/11/27 14575 235
  • Enh: Support of multiple version attributes in Sysid Analysis
  • Multiple version attributes require registration
    • The existing registration concept has been extended to allow registration of multiple version attributes
    • The "basics" of registration are described under 14445
    • Multiple version attributes are registered as string containing list of attributes, e.g. "VERSION_ATT_1,VERSION_ATT_2"
  • NOTE(s):
    • List of version attributes must be passed as plain string as shown above.
    • No blanks, white space, or special characters are permitted in "list"
    • Number of version attributes is not limited (except by the 1024-char string limitation)
  • Example:
    • Dba_cust_register_model_att "(model)" "(sysid)" "(objtype)" "(symbname)" "(symbvers)" "(name)" "VERSION,VARIANT"

  • Enh: Listing of registration(s) in header section of Sysid Analysis Report
    • Model Registrations and Restrictions are now listed in "model class overview" in header section of report
    • Listing of attributes composing the unique id string in "per class section" now lists multiple version attributes
Enhancement of DBA V1 technology
Driven by customer case: Modelmanager DB with two version attributes registered in XML
2009/11/26 14574 235
  • Bug fix: Col number mismatch error in DLL in Symbname analysis. (Occured only when list of inconsistencies contained > 500 results)
  • Enh: Creation Date + Last update date in Sysid report and Symbname report. (Can now see when two conflicting elements have been created/updated)
  • Enh: Model Class overview in Sysid report and Symbname report. (lists model classes, attribute registrations and registered restrictions)
  • Enh: List of environment variables/switches in Model Class overview. (lists environment variables which have an influence on DBA funcionality)
  • Enh: Timing data in report now lists total elapsed time. (total elapsed time = time since file was opened = time elapsed since report was started)
General maintenance of DBA V1 technology
Several improvements in Report contents.
2009/11/21 14569 235
  • New DLL I/F 235
    • Number of file handles increased to 500
      returns number of available file handles (currently 500)
    • NOTE: DLL I/F 234 was an intermediate release with up to 200 files. Since I/F 234 did not include the new AFN, an increment of the I/F was required to allow macro code to distinguish between the two DLLs.
  • Enh: Silent startup (suppress "READY" message)
    • Controlled by environment variable
    • To enable silent startup, set environment variable
    • NOTE: All values other than "1" are treated as false
      (=no silent startup, READY message is displayed)
  • Enh: Possibility to add custom code
    • Controlled by environment variable
    • To load (=input) your custom macro file on startup, set
    • NOTE: place your custom code (macro file) in a location
      other than the DBA tools installation folder to avoid that
      your files are deleted by the DBA tools installer
      e.g. during a re-installation or upgrade of DBA tools
General maintenance of DBA V1/V2/V3 technology
Support for customizations
2009/11/05 14553 233
  • Enh: new button in Admin U/I to directly edit file eomfar_dba.m containing the unprotected Macros
  • Enh: (optional) calculation of md5sum value for files listed in File Reports (DBA V3). Macros:
    • E3lsd writes list of 3D Files (file types "Model.SD" and "Model.WP")
    • E3lsds dto. with md5sum calculation
    • E3lsfa writes list of all files (all file types)
    • E3lsfas dto. with md5sum calculation
    • NOTE: md5sum calculation involves copying of files from file server (can take significant time)
General maintenance of DBA V1/V3 technology
2009/11/02 14550 233
  • Bug fix: Column mismatch error in SD attribute report (DBA v1)
  • Bug fix: Wrong column name for ELID in Contents-Analysis of Japanese DB (DBA v1)
  • Bug fix: Handle corner case when no model classes are found (DBA v2)
General maintenance of DBA V1/V2 technology
Support for Japanese Databases
2009/10/13 14530 233
  • Adds Multi-Cluster Analysis/Report to DBA Admin U/I
  • Macro: Dba_admin_ui_fnc_ecamc (no arguments)
  • Full support on Oracle including details in Report
  • Limited support on SQL Server (overview,summary). No details (yet).
General maintenance and development
new analysis/report based on DBA V1 technology
2009/10/10 14527 233
  • New type of report: Multi-Cluster Analysis/Report
  • NOTE: Prototype status. Currently only available from command line
  • Macro: Euosm_sd_cont_analysis_multi_cluster "ID" Qrylimit Details
  • Macro: Ecamc (no arguments)
  • NOTE: Based on DBA V1 technology.
    Requires that DBA has been run and table EUOSM_SD_CONTENTS is filled with data.
General maintenance and development
new analysis/report based on DBA V1 technology
2009/10/01 14518 232
  • Add registration concept for model queries/restrictions
  • Registered restrictions are listed in DBA reports
  • Macros of registration concept:
    • Dba_cust_register_model_query_restriction "class" "restriction"
    • Dba_cust_get_model_query_restriction "class"
    • Dba_cust_clear_model_query_restriction
  • Details for "restriction"
    • "restriction" must contain valid SQL syntax
    • "restriction" is inserted into SQL query for models to analyze
    • Model query of DBA makes a join on three tables in DB.
      Use the following table aliases to uniquele identify the table and column:
    • Alias for Dbr_elements = "e." (e.g. WM_ELEMENTS) Examples:
      • "e.ELID = 'some-elid'"
      • "e.CREATE_DATE > 1234567890"
    • Alias for Model class = "m." (e.g. MODEL_3D) Examples:
      • "m.NAME = 'some-name'"
      • "m.MODEL_ID = 'some-sysid'"
      • "m.MODEL_OBJTYPE = 'npart3-contents'"
    • Alias for Dbr_files = "f." (e.g. WM_FILES) Examples:
      • "f.FID = 'some-fid'"
      • "f.STORED_DATE > 1234567890"
      • "f.STORAGE_TYPE = 0"
    • "restriction" can be registered by class (because each user class (alias "m.") has different attributes)
    • An empty "" class argument defines a default for all classes.
  • "restriction" string is limited in length. Maximum lenght for total model query must not exceed 1024.
  • Restriction examples
    • "e.CREATE_DATE > 1000000000 AND m.MODEL_ID_NAME IS NOT NULL and f.stored_date > 1234567890"
    • "e.CLASS_NAME = 'MODEL_3D'" (select a specific class for analysis)
    • "e.ELID IN (SELECT ELID FROM mytable)" (a way to select an arbitrary number of elements)
Support for custom selections
One of the TOP enhancement request from DBA training
2009/08/26 14482 230
  • NOTE: New DLL interface 230
    • New AFN implements logging of MD5SUM and entity statistic data to DBA V2 log file
  • Enhancement: (optional) logging of entity statistics to common log file
  • Enhancement: Preview mode for DBA V2 analysis (for current files + all files)
    Corresponds to preview mode of DBA (v1) analysis.
  • Enhancement: Set of macros to control DBA V2 analysis "modes":
    • E2e000 .. E2e111 for enabling 3 binary options (all files yes/no, entity stats yes/no, md5sum yes/no)
    • E2a000 .. E2a111 for running a DBA V2 analysis (using same options convention as above)
    • E2a000p and E2a001p for running a DBA V2 preview (E2a000p = preview current files, E2a001p = preview all files)
    • Dba_admin_ui_fnc_e2a_000 .. Dba_admin_ui_fnc_e2a_111 for calling E2a000 .. E2a111 through DBA admin U/I
    • Dba_admin_ui_fnc_e2a_000p and Dba_admin_ui_fnc_e2a_001p for calling previews through DBA admin U/I
Enhancements for next generation of DB analysis (DBA v2)
Adds new type of analysis capability (entities in SD file, e.g. edges,faces,geometry,features)
Driven by customer case: DB containing SD files with large number of features.
2009/07/30 14455 229
  • NOTE: New DLL interface 229
    • New AFNs implement "error logging" to logfile of DBA v2 analysis.
  • Enhancement: ERROR_TABLE entries logged to logfile of DBA v2 analysis. Single (common) logfile contains file analysis results + errors (e.g. file not found)
  • Enhancement: Table of error codes in result file (HTML) of DBA v2 analysis.
General maintenance and development - next generation of DB analysis (DBA v2)
2009/07/27 14452 228
  • NOTE: New DLL interface 228
  • Maintenance: formal port to newer compiler
    • DLL version up to 226: compiled with VC++ 6.0 (was used to support old WM 6.0 and earlier versions)
    • DLL version from 227 and higher: compiled with VS.net 2003 (no need to support old WM versions any longer, tools ship WM 16 client)
  • Enhancement: Extended output of reference data
    • Additional columns in reference LTAB returned by DLL:
      • SRC_OBJTYP = type of the instance (e.g. npart3) referencing a contents
      • SRC_SYSID = the SYSID of the instance
    • Scope/Visibility of new columns
      • U/I: Element Report (behind down-arrow in Editor)
      • Macro: E2aa (generation 2 DB analysis - prototype)
General maintenance and development - next generation of DB analysis (DBA v2)
2009/07/24 14449 226
  • Enhancement: Support for Modeling 16.50
    pb tool (CoCreate public) $Revision: 1.84 $ 2009-07-17 Build
  • Enhancement: adds date formatted output for UTC values in schema analysis
General maintenance and development
2009/07/21 14446 226
  • Enhancement: extended SD Attribute Reports
  • New/modified Macros
    • New: Euosm_sd_attribute_report_doer Qrylimit
    • Former Macro Euosm_sd_attribute_report calls Euosm_sd_attribute_report_doer with qrylimit = 20
  • New functionality
    • new: Table of all Model Classes (all classes that have SD files attached)
    • new: Table of custom registrations (if any)
    • new: Element details + File records per class (including non-model classes)
      Especialy useful for finding/cleanup of "false" elements (elements in non-model class havin SD files attached)
  • Integrated into DBA Admin U/I
    • Shortcut in DBA Admin U/I with label "Dba SD Att report"
    • Macro Dba_admin_ui_fnc_sd_att_report as "action text"
General maintenance and development
New type of report to get an overview about 3D model classes
2009/07/20 14445 226
  • Enhancement: Add registration concept for support of non-standard databases.
  • Non-standard attribute names can be registered per class. (similar to invidual registration im MM via XML)
  • Macros of registration concept:
    • Dba_cust_register_model_att "class" "sysidatt" "objtypeatt" "symbnameatt" "symbversatt" "nameatt" "versatt"
    • Dba_cust_register_model_att_get_tbl
    • Dba_cust_register_model_att_clear
    • Macros are unprotected. See file eomfar_dba.m
  • Obsolete: SYSID analysis with "custom name attribute" - Macro Sysav (functionality replaced by new concept of registration)
Support of non standard DBs
Inputs from DBA Training
2009/07/17 14442 226
  • Enhancement: List related files in File report (Macro Euosm_v2_sdfiles_of_doc, behind down-arrow button in Editor)
  • Enhancement: List UTC times as date format in file reports (UTC value + date value for readability)
  • Enhancement: List Parent element data + link data in parent report (behind up-arrow in Editor)
  • Enhancement: List child links in element report (behind down-arrow in Editor)
General maintenance and development
Inputs from DBA Training
2009/07/13 14438 226
  • Enhancement: Additional function in DBA pulldown menu: Show readme.txt
  • Enhancement: Show WM client version in readme.txt (this is the version of the client shipped with DBA tools)
  • Development: Re-factored build process to support multiple build machines (main build now on server sifi-dbs1)
General maintenance and development
2009/07/10 14435 226
  • Bug Fix: Re-factor queries of SYSID Analysis to support SQL Server (SQL Server does not allow "ORDER BY" clause in inner queries)
Steps towards SQL Server Support
2009/07/06 14431 226
  • Enhancement: Add (primitive) customizable progress indicator. Syntax:
    Dba_cust_show_progress "Context Msg" Current Total_no
  • Macro is unprotected and can be redefined by users
    (or can be changed to do nothing when performance matters)
  • Currently, Dba_cust_show_progress is called from a single location in DBA tools. More may be added in the future.
Enhancement Request from DBA Training for Partners
2009/07/04 14429 226
  • Bug Fix: Use UNION ALL in File queries to have consistent numbers in file reports
  • Development: Refactor SQL queries towards SQL Server Support (whenever possible, use syntax that works on both platforms)
Steps towards SQL Server Support
2009/07/02 14427 226
  • Enhancement: Initiate dba-readme.html (=this file) and add to production build
  • Bug Fix: Error in Up/Down arrow analysis when parent file does not contain reference to child
  • Enhancement: Pop Up message with CONTINUE/CANCEL button to cancel long actions (e.g. analyze all files)
  • Enhancement: Removed misleading "INSERT INTO ..." SQL messages during file analysis
Enhancement requests from DBA Training

Components of the build number, e.g. 2016.221.14340.81369

Major DLL I/F Datecode Timestamp
2016 221 14340 81369

Major, e.g. 2016: 1 digit release number + (zero) + 2 digits for WM release, e.g.

DLL I/F e.g. 221: version/interface number of the DLL

Datecode e.g. 14340: Number of days since the UNIX epoch (UTC time). Examples:


Timestamp e.g. 81369: Fraction of the day

Purpose: Distinguish multiple builds of same day
Examples: Listing of software builds - last digit indicates "fraction of day"

May  7 22:47 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.224.14371.86551.exe
May  8 18:06 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.224.14372.66984.exe
May 26 19:36 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14390.73265.exe
Jun  4 20:25 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14399.76631.exe
Jun  5 20:15 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14400.75983.exe
Jun 27 13:52 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14422.49360.exe
Jun 29 15:58 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14424.58152.exe
Jun 30 22:30 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14425.85371.exe
Jul  1 20:39 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14426.77714.exe
Jul  1 23:38 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14426.90097.exe
Jul  2 11:15 CoCreateDbaTools-2016.226.14427.38456.exe

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